1. Lea Tributaries Catchment Walkover

Theme: Education and monitoring


  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the catchment

Project description

This project will conduct a catchment walkover of the smaller tributaries.

Tributaries are as important, if not more important, as a main river in determining the health of a catchment.  What happens to the tributaries will have impacts downstream as their waters join the main river.  This is a project to conduct walkover surveys/audits of the smaller tributaries of the Lower Lea, e.g. the Spital Brook and the Turnford Brook, and to monitor things such as pH, nitrates, phosphates, flora and fauna, turbidity and siltation.  By identifying and tackling such problems in the tributaries, the health of the entire catchment will benefit.


Project lead: TBC
Project partners: Cheshunt Natural History Society
Funding source: TBC
Project start: 2015
Project end: 2015

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