5. Enhancement of River Banks

Themes: Water quality; Ecology and morphology


  • Reduce input of sediment to the river channels
  • Improve riverine and riparian habitat
  • Improve river function and sustainability

Project description

This project will help prevent the erosion of the river bank during floods, and increase wildlife habitat.

The river is a historic site for barbel fishing, and is mentioned in Isaak Walton's iconic 18th century book 'The Compleat Angler'.  However, in places is it threatened by bank erosion.  This project aims to stop this erosion, by:

  • Use of bank protection methods such as wooden stakes, faggot bundles, willow spiling etc backfilled with rocks and soil.  Coir rolls may also be a possibility.
  • Installation of deflectors, to both protect the bank and increase flow and scour to wash accumulated silt from the gravel.


Project lead: Fishers Green Consortium,
Project partners: Environment Agency (TBC), LVRPA (TBC)
Funding source: TBC
Project start: March 2015 (start of close season)
Project end: June 2015 (start of fishing season)
Contact for more information: Doug Howell, Fishers Green Consortium)

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