6. Cleaning of barbel spawning beds

Theme: Ecology and morphology


  • Improve riverine and riparian habitat
  • Improve river function and sustainability

Project description

This project will ensure clean spawning areas for barbel to lay their eggs.

The river is a historic site for barbel fishing, and is mentioned in Isaak Walton's iconic 18th century book 'The Compleat Angler'.  However, many of the gravel beds so important to barbel for their spawning are now covered with silt.  This project will use a large pressure washer on the bed of the River's shallower areas, to clean the gravel and allow barbel to spawn once more.  This will allow barbel to breed naturally and reduce the need to introduce new immature fish.

Project lead: Fishers Green Consortium,
Project partners: Environment Agency (TBC), LVRPA (TBC)
Funding source: TBC
Project start: March 2015 (start of close season)
Project end: June 2015 (start of fishing season)
Contact for more information: Doug Howell, Fishers Green Consortium)

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