6. Implementing Stanborough Reedmarsh Management Plan

Themes: Ecology and biodiversity; Public engagement


  • Improve the river’s morphology
  • Improve bankside and in-channel habitat
  • Improve public engagement with the river
  • Improve public access to the river (virtual and physical)

Project description

Despite the small size of the reserve, Stanborough Reed Marsh contains a range of locally important habitats and species.

Principal interest lies in the large reedbed, which is of county significance, and supports important breeding and wintering bird populations. The corridor of the River Lee also supports a range of interesting habitat elements, plants and animals, including Kingfisher, Water Rail and the declining Ragged Robin. Effective management of the site will also achieve local authority and County BAP targets, including improving chalk river habitat, wetlands and conserving species such as Water Vole, Song Thrush, Otter, wintering Bittern and possibly Great Crested Newt.

 HMWT continues to manage the site to maintain a mix of reedbed fen and wet woodland to maximise biodiversity and provide views and access for the public. 

Grid reference: TL230105
Project lead: Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust
Project partners: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Countil
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