Our long-term aim is to improve the River Lea to benefit the local communities, environment, and economy. There are many things a restored river could bring – educational opportunities, better health, improved wildlife and more.

We are making these benefits a reality by working together with local stakeholders. We believe that promoting joint action we will achieve greater benefits for people and the environment alike.

Themes and objectives

Community engagement and participation:  LandManageMAIN

  • improve local knowledge and understanding of the river and the issues facing it
  • increase public access to and involvement in the river
  • promote the river as a community and educational resource
  • promote action to reduce households’ water consumption and pollution

Promoting appropriate and sympathetic land management:

  • reduce flood risk WaterQualMain
  • improve existing wildlife corridors, especially for protected species  
  • control or eradicate invasive non-native species   
  • increase the amount and quality of habitats and species     

Improving water quality and water quantity:

  • reduce pollution through physical improvements around the river  CommEngageMAIN
  • work together to investigate and implement solutions to manage and minimise sources of pollution   
  • educate the general public and local businesses about its role in water quality and quantity improvements 


How it works

The Catchment Partnership has found a number of ways to achieve the above objectives through a variety of projects. These can include:  


The Catchment Partnership is keen to work with as many partners on as many projects as possible to achieve the above objectives. The Partnership welcomes ideas for projects and notify us of problems that need to be solved. Get in touch via the Contact Us page.


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